miércoles, 27 de octubre de 2010

Tener un artista de 10 años en casa

A 10 Year Old's Room by Giannetti Designs...(Via Made by Girl): "
Brooke Giannetti over at Velvet & Linen blog has agreed to share her daughter, Leila's room with all of us. She designed this lovely girl's room with her daughter's growing tastes.

She NO LONGER craves PINK, but more 'mature' colors. (A true sign that your little girl is not growing up). Brooke's daughter is now 10 years old and for Leila's B-day, mom told her she could re-decorate her room!

WOW....I remember being 10 years old....I was STILL sharing a room with my little sister!! Leila is a lucky girl!
The design starts with a trip to Anthropologie where Leila chose a beautiful and colorful flowery rug! I love the vintage feel of the room as well as the architectural details on the ceiling.
And...how about all that FRAMED artwork hanging on her wall??! How cool is that? I've always thought creative-type spaces (like this one) really open up a KIDS creative energy!
To read more about this amazing room re-do, visit velvet and linen


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